Dev Setup
How to set up your local dev environment.


There a multiple options to test your e-mails locally.
One popular option is Mailtrap.

Payment process

This step is only nessesarry if you want to test the mollie payment provider locally.
Working with a staging server online? Not needed. No need to test the last payment step locally? Not needed.

Ngrok / Valet share

Mollie does communicate via a webhook with the butik application. After creating a payment, mollie will send the answer via webhook.
Define your redirect url in your .env and Mollie does know how to reach your local environment.
Paste your url without/ at the end.

Laravel Valet

You can simply share your site via Valet. Past the url into your .env file. That's it. Information about Laravel Valet
For security reasons, your APP_ENV must be set to local.The redirect url will be ignored in none local environments.
Last modified 1yr ago