butik has been crafted with a default design, so that every user has a great foundation to start from.
No starting from scratch every time, no need to set up everything on your own. Just get started!


We are trying to find the perfect balance between »well working« and »fully customizable«.
Said so, we have prepared a lot of boilerplate which can be easily shared.

Starter Kit

Our provided Starter Kit offers a great possibility to get started.

Implement CSS

Not needed, if you are using our Starter Kit.
If you want to use our preset design, go ahead. We would be pleased to hear that others are enjoying it as much as we do.
We created it with Tailwind CSS. You can either compile it yourself via Tailwind or use our css file as a standalone solution.

Use compiled CSS file

You can copy our compiled CSS file into the <head> section of your layout file. That's all you have to do.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/vendor/butik/css/statamic-butik.css">

Compile it yourself

Take a look at our Starter Kit and how we set it up. It's a basic Tailwind CSS set up, as you know it from Statamic.
To recompile, run npm run production


We offer finished templates for every page, which already have been linked to all needed functions.
Read this part if you want to know more about the connected functionality.
Don't worry, you can adjust every part of our templates.

Antlers Tags

You can use Antlers tags to combine butik perfectly with your page.