Customize your emails

You can adjust our sent mails just as you like them.

Adjust your template

Unfortunately there is an issue if using markdown at the moment. You can easily adjust it though. I will explain how.

See the issue:

1. Publish your vendor files

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-mail

Docs for more information:

2. Create your own theme

Duplicate the default.css file and rename your copy to for example butik.css

You'll find the css file in the themes folder:


3. Change your theme

Update the theme option of the mail configuration file to match the name of your new theme inside your config\mail.php

In our example, you need to rename the theme to butik

That's it!


After publishing your views, you can adjust our mail templates.

The following values are available inside the views:




All order information


Customer information


The purchased items


The order ID


When the purchase has been paid


The total amount

Customize markdown layout

You can customize the markdown as described in the Laravel documentation.