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A Statamic e-commerce solution

Statamic 3.0+ Latest Version on Packagist

butik is a Scandinavian term for a small to medium-sized shop, precisely what this Statamic add-on has been created for. The Statamic Butik e-commerce solution will work great together with your personal Statamic site and will help you expand your online business.

You can use the light and simple design as offered or customize it according to your needs to merge it optimally with your current design.

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Before working with Statamic Butik, you need to aqquire a license at the Statamic Marketplace.

Statamic Butik is not free software.


The current version is backed up by round about 300 PHPUnit tests with 550 assertions to monitor if things are working as expected.

When creating butik my highest goal was to provide a well functioning and fun to use e-commerce solution.


What Butik can provide:


  • simply use our default settings OR

  • set it up individually for your custom needs


  • can be translated

  • customizable fields

  • variants

  • SEO friendly URLs

  • taxes

  • shipping costs

  • stock management


  • can be kept simple OR

  • can perform complex scenarios

  • set up multiple shipping rates

  • customized prices for each country


  • customizable checkout form

  • keep easily track of all your orders

  • optional Orders widget for your dashboard


  • order confirmations for the customer AND

  • order confirmations for the seller

  • templates integrated with language files


  • templates in Antlers Syntax

  • beautiful Whitelabel design, ready to use out of the box

  • templates can be customized or swapped with your own

  • applies for e-mail layouts & templates as well


  • all frontend and backend designs have been integrated with language files

  • English as default language

  • new languages can be added easily


  • manage permissions for your team

  • manage explicit actions


  • add your currency as a payment option

  • change all route names according to your needs

  • integrate useful links into your mail template

  • swap layouts AND

  • swap templates


  • Statamic 3

  • PHP >= 7.4

  • Laravel >= 7.20 or 8


All payments are regulated by Mollie, offering:

  • PayPal

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Apple Pay

  • Klarna

  • American Express

  • and many more

No monthly fee is required to use You will be charged per transaction.


Maintainer and Developer Jonas Siewertsen

Design and Templates Mike Martin